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The following pictures showcase some of the work we’ve done with local artists:

 Gregory Gomez’s stainless steel spoke sculptures, “Open Loop” and “Knot”, we glass bead blasted at our shop in 2013.  George Greenamyer’s “Mass Art” piece installed at Decordova Sculpture Park and Museum, was sandblasted and repainted on location in Lincoln, Ma in 2012.  We have also sandblasted and painted all the black (no detail painting) for numerous George Greenamyer sculptures over the years.  In June of 2008 Ralph Brancaccio’s Y Sculptures came to the shop for a new finish, we sandblasted and repainted these for display in Cambridge, MA and then needed to do them again to be moved in June of 2009.  Ralph Helmich’s stainless steel pipe sculpture “Constant” (Einstein) was blasted here at the shop prior to installation.  The Fuller Museum had us sandblast and re-paint their train in Brockton, Ma in 2013.  These are the most recent collaborations with various artist and only name a few.  We also sandblast historic cast iron with many different outfits.  The summer of 2014 had us sandblasting and painting for All Star Iron to refinish/repair fencing at the Marshfield Cemetery.  In the fall of 2014 we sandblasted and painted the North Scituate Train Canopy for the Scituate Historical Commission onsite in Scituate, Ma.  We also sandblast for DeAngelis Iron Works, most recently for Harvard University’s McKinlock Hall and Dunster House fence panels.  If you’re ever in New York City, enjoy the fencing, YES, we sandblasted and painted that as well.



open loop
open loop
george greenamyer
mass art
general sandblasting
Gregory Gomez, ‘Open Loop’
Gregory Gomez, ‘Knot’
George Greenamyer’s ‘Mass Art Train’
George Greenamyer’s ‘The Evil Men Do’
George Greenamyer’s ‘The Merry-Go-Round of Hidden Age’




blasted iron
train art
historic iron work
iron sandblasting
Ralph Helmich’s ‘Constant’
‘Fuller Museum Train’
Ralph Brancaccio’s ‘Y Aid’s
Ralph Brancaccio’s ‘Y Discriminate’





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